Peggy Alexander and Lisa Isenberg

Tom and I were told we were expecting twins at
8 weeks into our pregnancy. We were ecstatic.
We told our families, our friends, our coworkers,
and just about everyone else. Of course we were
nervous and worried how this huge change
would affect our family with already having an
18-month old little boy. At 17 weeks we were
diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion
Syndrome. This is a disease affecting the
placenta of identical twins. One baby was
receiving all of the blood and the nutrients and the other baby was receiving none. At 21 weeks our peri-natologist sent us to a specialist in Tampa, Florida to undergo a procedure to correct the syndrome. The surgery was successful, however, the day after the procedure one of our babies, Max, had died. I continued to carry our boys until 37 weeks and delivered on January 29, 1999. Henry, our surviving twin, was born healthy and our son, Max, was born still. Share was there for our family to offer support in ways that I thought we would never need. They told us to take pictures after the delivery of our son even when it would be painful. They helped us to prepare for the burial even when I thought I wouldn’t make it to delivery. They offered us a handmade wooden casket for our son to be buried in. On the bottom of the casket was written “For all of the snow forts that will never be built.” To this day they continue to offer support with note cards and letters even when it feels like everyone else has forgotten. They helped us through such a painful and heartbreaking time in our lives. Without the help of Share, we would not have the beautiful memories that this tragic time caused, we would only be left with the painful ones. They helped us to grieve and to recover and to look at the small precious time that we had as a blessing.

My mother came up with the idea to send out note-cards to our family and friends asking for a contribution in memory of our son Max. We felt that everyone is so busy with work and their own family obligations that trying to get together for an event is difficult. We thought people would like to donate to a wonderful organization in memory of our son without having to get together for an event. We both believe in Share’s mission and want to help the good word spread to those in need. There are so many people who need their help and this was our way of helping to contribute.
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