Grief and Your Beliefs

Grief can be a spiritual journey no matter what your religious background or beliefs are.  After the death of a baby, some parents are not just physically broken, but may also feel spiritually broken.

They may feel a sense of disappointment that their prayers weren't answered or mad at their higher power for allowing such a tragedy.  Wherever you are on your journey, know that is alright to question, to feel mad or sad, and it can be common to be confused about what you believed prior to the death of your baby.

Some families are rooted in their faith, spirituality, or beliefs and may find comfort in what they already know.  They may be able to incorporate their loss into their lives or celebrations without questioning or confusion.

Below are links that contain spiritual and religious content related to a parent's grief and spiritual journey after the death of a baby.  If you are unable to find an article of a specific religious or spiritual belief, please submit your story to the webmaster for review and possible posting.

Atheism:  The Experience of a Loss Without Religious Beliefs

Christianity:  Full Circle

Judaism: Holiday Wishes
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