Most Treasured Mementos

  • Digital Pictures
  • Hand and Foot Prints
  • Blanket
  • Castings
  • Bonnet/Hat
  • Lock of Hair
  • Books, Pamphlets, Info
  • Cloths (Gown, Booties, T-shirt)
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Diaper
  • Bracelet/Wristband
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stuffed Animal(s)
  • Angel Pin
  • Bath Bottle
  • Birth Book
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Comb
  • Eye Covers
  • Ring
  • Syringe
  • Ultrasound Films
  • Washcloth with Blood
  • Wreath from Door

Things That Were Most Helpful At The Time of Loss

  • Compassionate Staff
  • Allowed Time With Baby/Family
  • Cried With Us
  • Hand Holding
  • Provided Books and Info for Family
  • Placed Indicator of Loss on Door
  • Provided Post-Loss Room Away from Labor/Delivery
  • Said, "I’m Sorry."
  • Acknowledged Loss
  • Excellent Baby Care and Respect
  • Included Family in Decision Making
  • Attended Funeral
  • Lenient Rules re: number of Visitors
  • Given Memories
  • Given Moses Basket
  • Visits by Pediatrician
  • Allowed Pictures in OR
  • Prayed with Family
  • Allowed Priest in OR to baptize
  • Provided Bed for Husband
  • Allowed Time for Decisions

Things That Could Be Improved At The Time of Loss

  • Provide Digital Pictures Family/Baby – Unlimited Number – Not Polaroid
  • Provide Time With Baby – As Much As Wanted
  • Provide Mementos Touched By Baby
  • Insensitive Staff – Doctors/Nurses
  • Provide Hand and Foot Prints
  • Provide Castings
  • Need Local Support Groups
  • Provide Bereavement Services/Social Worker at the Hospital
  • Provide Baby’s Hair
  • Provide Opportunity/Information re Baby Viewing by Family,
  Dressing/Bathing Baby, etc.
  • Provide Post-Loss Room Away From Labor and Delivery
  • Provide Information re Baptism
  • Ask - Don’t Assume Chaplain/Social Worker are Wanted
  • Provide Compassion for Hospital Expense Billing/Payment Post-Loss
  • Keep Mother’s Chart in Her Room
  • Need Compassion From Staff
  • Offer Family Option of Cutting Cord
  • Provide Books, Pamphlets, Literature
  • Provide Journal for Family to Keep Log
  • Ensure Mother’s Physical Care Afterward is Provided For
  • Do Not Allow Residents in Room/OR - Experimenting on Mother/Baby
  • Ensure Experienced Staff is Available to Help Family Know What to Ask For
  • Provide Videotape of Birth

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