Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA)

PLIDA was formally organized in September 2002 by a diverse group of pioneering and nationally recognized professionals who are dedicated to providing support to parents grieving the death of their baby or babies during pregnancy, delivery, or infancy.  Share's Executive Director, Cathi Lammert, was a founding member of PLIDA, and is currently serving on the Board of Directors.  Membership to PLIDA is open to all parents and professionals who align themselves with PLIDA's mission.  For more information, visit

PLIDA Position Statement on Infection Risk

PLIDA Position Statement on Pathology Studies

PLIDA Position Statement on Bereaved Parents Holding Their Baby

PLIDA Position Statement on Offering the Baby to Bereaved Parents

PLIDA strives to create Position Statements that promote the highest standard of supportive care for bereaved parents. PLIDA Position Statements advocate for parents' emotional needs and the provision of compassionate, relationship-based care. Anyone can use them to increase awareness, educate people, inform policy, sustain supportive programs, or encourage change. Most of all, for those of you who provide care to bereaved parents, we hope that these documents will support you as you work with and advocate for parents.

PLIDA Practice Guidelines
PLIDA Practice Guidelines offer specific suggestions for providing the compassionate care put forth by PLIDA Position Statements.  The guidelines are intended to educate and support practitioners in their efforts to provide comprehensive, relationship-based care to grieving families.  Use them to increase awareness, educate people, inform policy, sustain supportive programs, improve implementation, or encourage change.

PLIDA Practice Guidelines for Offering the Baby to Bereaved Parents

PLIDA Suggested Resource List
This annotated list of materials, organizations, and websites is not exhaustive, but meant to provide a good starting place for tapping into the vast array of available resources that can offer support, information, insights, and guidance. PLIDA's Resources List includes, books, professional periodicals and bibliographies, videos & DVDs, parent support organizations and resource centers
Care for Parents
Professional Resources
Facts fo Family and Friends
Encouragement for Kids
Bereaved Parent Stories
Perinatal Loss Legislation
Pereinatal Loss Research
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