Postneonatal Deaths
(28 days to 11 months)

Year              Number             Rate/1000
2004         9,343     2.27

2003         9,132     2.23

Neonatal Deaths
(less than 28 days)

Year              Number             Rate/1000
200418,593   4.52

200318,893   4.62

200218,791   4.7

200118, 275  4.5

200018,733   4.6

199918,700   4.7

Source: National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 53, No. 12, January 24, 2005
Explaining the 2001-02 Infant Mortality Increase Data from the Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set, Table 2, extract.
View the National Vital Statistics Report from February 21, 2007.

Total Infant Deaths
(including postneonatal and neonatal deaths)

Year              Number             Rate/1000
200427,936   6.79

200328,025   6.85
Fetal Deaths
(20 weeks or greater)    

Year              Number             Rate/1000
200225,943     6.4

200126,373     6.5

200027,003     6.6

199926,884    6.7

Fetal Deaths
(28 weeks or greater)

Year              Number             Rate/1000
2002 13,285                   3.2

2001 13,704                   3.3

2000 13,039                   3.3

1999 12,968                   3.4

Sources: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Vol. 53, No. 24, June 25, 2004 and unpublished worksheets prepared by M. Munson, J. Martin and Y. Patel.

Early Pregnancy Loss
(less than 20 weeks)

Year               Number             

(Note: These are the latest numbers that Share has for all Early Pregnancy Losses, which are more difficult to track, but were listed in the National Vital Statistics Report for 1999)
Comprehensive Health Data for Women and Men

Quick Health Data Online, provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health, includes comprehensive data, for both men and women, from 1998-2004 on a variety of health related topics.  Quick Health Data Online contains over 1,400 unique variables with details available by gender, race, and year.

Statistics on the Effects of Poverty on Maternal Health and Saving Newborn Lives

As stated in a report by Save the Children, newborns have the highest risk of death of all children. See how Save the Children is working to improve health care to reduce newborn deaths in developing countries.

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