Start Your Own Traditions

There may be a time when you are ready to include or share the short life of your baby in new ways.  Some families choose to create special ways to honor the special people in their lives who have died.  These suggestions may be helpful for you to find your own unique traditions that will continue your healing.

  • There may be a particular figure/collectible like an angel, butterfly, teddy bear, or flower that you want to start collecting.  Local gift stores or Christian bookstores carry many items that may be appropriate for your loss.

  • If you released balloons at the funeral, you can do the same for each birthday or significant date that passes.  Release them by themselves, or attach written messages from you or your family.

  • If you have a burial place, bring special flowers or gifts for holidays or birthdays.  You may want to share angel food cake, special shaped cookies or another significant item with your family on birthdays, or open a family-oriented gift on holidays.

  • Include your baby during holidays.  Add his or her name on holiday cards, stockings or any decoration that includes names.  Some parents have a prayer or time of remembrance before meals.  Or, you can donate flowers or money to your church, hospital, or other organization in memory of your baby.

  • Create living memorials.  You can create a garden, or plant specific flowers, shrubs, or trees in honor of your baby.  This can be a daily reminder of your precious baby and how their love still grows in your heart.

  • You may enjoy writing or keeping a journal.  Creating poems, or just jotting down your feelings during your journey can be a healthy grieving tool.  You may also find it comforting to reread your entries as time passes to see how you have changed or grown.

  • Join or start a Share Walk for Remembrance & Hope in your area.  Contact a local grief support group, like Share, to find out more information.

  • If available, you may like to attend the Angel of Hope Candlelight Vigil each December 6th at 7:00 P.M. at the Angel of Hope Monument in your area.

  • You might like attending the annual holiday memorial hosted by your local Share Chapter.

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